Spreading the awareness of the usage of the audio visual medium for different purposes is one of the prime focuses of Broken Box Filmz.

Here, students learn to Make Films
» To Document the Research
» To Submit an Assignment in the School / College
» To Spread Education / Awareness
» To Advertise any Product / Service
» Simply to Tell A story
Course Details

It is a program that gives a 360 degree view of the full film making process. It deals with the major aspects of film making from Ideation to Scripting, Screenplay and writing Dialogues to making the Film budget which is a major part of any film making.


The next process phase is the pre-production planning and production management leading to converting the script to the actual shoot with correct Screen Grammar, Direction, Camera knowledge and Shooting with Professional Camera, Lights and Equipments. Here the departments like production, sets, costume, hair, make-up etc. are also handled by the students to give them a hand on experience of the field.


The next phase is the editing, graphics and adding the background score and the voice over and credits. The final phase is to learn to pitch and market the product.


This course will equip the learner with the technical jargons as well as give them the practical knowledge of film making. After this course a student will be able to make his/her own short film, documentary, product advertisement and even assist a professional film maker/director.


The learning process will include theory as well as practical knowledge with a lot of interactive sessions, group discussions and exercises.


This course is designed for the Film Enthusiasts, Videographers, Prospective Film Students and any Creative Individual who wants to explore this audio/visual medium.

Other Advantages and Exposures

We have a group of students on Facebook who pass out from Broken Box Filmz to provide them a space where they can share their creative film ideas. We also keep posting job offers on this page for our students.


Our students’ films are showcased in different film clubs and festivals across the country. We also organise field trips like:

» Taking the students to show the Film Projection in a Cinema Hall
» Studio Visits
» Recording Studio Visits
» Attending International Film Festival of India, Goa
Teaching Methodology
» Theory and Practical experience
» Actual shooting with lights and camera
» A lot of film viewing
» Group projects and discussions
» Emphasis on research and sharing
Institute Associations
» National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
» Ahmedabad Management Association
» FLAME School of Communication, Pune
» Visiting Faculty at School of Journalism nd Mass Communication, Gujarat University
» Amrit Vidyalaya, Kaalol
» C. N. Fine Arts College, Ahmedabad
»  IPCOWALA – SANTRAM College of Fine Arts, Vidyanagar
»  Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad
» Wigan and Leigh College, Ahmedebad
Email: filmworkshop@brokenboxfilmz.com
Mobile: +91-93749 86144